On My Way Pre-K

Applications are now available for the 2016-2017 enrollment!  



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Gross Monthly Income Calculator
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Income ranges for families to qualify

Number of Family Members

Monthly Gross Income Range

2 Up to $1,665
3 Up to $2,094
4 Up to $2,524
5 Up to $2,954
6 Up to $3,383
7 Up to $3,813
8 Up to $4,243
9 Up to $4,673
10 Up to $5,102

Resources for Approved On My Way Pre-K Providers

  • Child Attendance

    Be sure to record the drop-off and pick-up time for each child who has an OMWPK grant. Record the reasons for absences. Contact Beth Barrett, beth.barrett@fssa.in.gov, with questions about attendance.

  • Claims

    If you have questions about a specific claim or payment, then contact Megan Rhea,megan.rhea@fssa.in.gov. If you have general questions about claims submission, contact claimsinfo@fssa.in.gov.

  • Family Engagement

    Be sure to keep records of your pre-K family engagement practices, including communications you have with parents; attendance at parent events; parent volunteers inside or outside the classroom. If you have questions about family engagement, then contact Natasha Langford natasha@jceconline.org.



    The first ISTAR-KR assessment for each child must be submitted within 6 weeks of the child’s start date. The last ISTAR-KR assessment for each child must be submitted prior to the conclusion of the program year. For full-year programs, the last submission must be by June 30. If you have questions about ISTAR-KR, then contact Erin Kissling,ekissling@doe.in.gov.

  • Provider Portal in IPKIS

    To access On My Way Pre-K grant information, log in at this link:https://prek.carefinderindiana.org/SystemSecurity/Account/Login.aspx. If you need technical assistance with the portal, then contact Sophie Simmons, sophie.simmons@e-tcc.com.

  • Secure Emails

    If you need to send a parent’s or child’s personally identifiable information, then you must do so via secure email. If you have questions about secure emails, then contact Beth Barrett, beth.barrett@fssa.in.gov.

Family Engagement Materials

On My Way Pre-K providers are asked to support families in engaging in their children’s education. Below are links to handouts that providers can share with families of pre-K children. We hope that these handouts can be the beginning or continuation of an ongoing conversation with families about ways to support their children’s education. If you need any of these documents in Spanish, please contact Natasha Langford, natasha@jceconline.org, and we will try to get you what you need.