The 10 Power Standards for Kindergarten readiness:

  1. Be prepared to listen and follow directions in a timely manner. Be kind and respectful of others and those in charge.
  2. Be able to hold and properly use a pencil and crayon. Be able to hold and cut with scissors.
  3. Be able to say aloud his or her first name, last name, age, gender (boy or girl) and his or her parent’s name.
  4. Be able, without help, to use the toilet, pull up pants, zip up pants, and wash hands.
  5. Be able to identify and say aloud the basic eight colors. (red, orange, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, and purple; Bonus: pink and gray)
  6. Be able to identify and say aloud basic shapes. Kindergarten standards list the following as basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, hexagon, trapezoid.
  7. Be able to write his or her first name correctly. (Capital first letter, then lower case letters)
  8. Be able to recognize numbers 1-10 and count to 10
  9. Recognize and say aloud letters A-Z.
  10. Be able to tie shoes.